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Zoom Marriage ring D
Zoom Marriage ring D
Zoom Marriage ring D
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Zoom Marriage ring D
Zoom Marriage ring D

Marriage ring D

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What kind of future awaits you when you hold hands...?

I want you to find the answer that is unique to the two of you, rather than the fixed answer.

I think there is a new answer that can only be born when two people are together.

Ao is rooting for you to build a couple-like style that only two people can create while breaking down all the stereotypes of "what it should be like".

The style of two people built while acknowledging and respecting each other will change with time.
I want you to fully enjoy such a change.

1+1= ....

The design is done by Ao,
The production is entrusted to a trusted Japanese craftsman, and each one is handmade.

A simple design that can be worn on a daily basis in any occasion without being bound by the definition of a marriage ring.
With exquisite thickness and thickness,
It is a ring that can be worn like a fashion ring with a strong presence.
The surface of the ring is plump and round, and the soft design is just the right amount of thinness, so you can layer it with a delicate ring.

There is no rule that two people must have the same design.
Choose your favorite design and material.

Width: about 2.7mm
Thickness: about 2mm

■The amount varies depending on the size material and number.
#4~8 ¥69,000
#9~13 ¥76,700
#14~18 ¥84,400
#19~21 ¥92,100

#4~8 ¥94,000
#9~13 ¥102,700
#14~18 ¥111,200
#19~21 ¥119,700

■Material ・Pt950
Pt950 is 95% pure platinum that meets international standards. (Platinum Guild International, an international public relations agency for platinum, defines the international standard for platinum jewelry as Pt950 or higher.)
It is a rare precious metal characterized by its silvery hue and elegant brilliance. It is a material suitable for wedding rings that are often worn on a daily basis, such as no fear of deterioration or discoloration and less likely to cause metal allergies. *Please note that the metal is easily scratched.

18k is 75% pure gold. The rest of the metals other than pure gold are generally mixed with silver or copper. In addition to being resistant to tarnishing, it is also stronger and more durable than platinum, so it is recommended as a wedding ring for everyday use. In addition, it is said that the purity of gold is less likely to cause allergies.

■Order flow ・Sample order Please order samples from the online store.
If you check the sample and like it, please decide the [design, material, size, engraving].

・Ordering method Please order from the online store as usual.
*Payment can be made by credit card/convenience store/bank transfer/Amazon pay

・We will start production after payment is confirmed.
We will deliver it to the two of you in about a month and a half, so please look forward to it.

■Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges We do not accept cancellations as we are an order-to-order system.
Products cannot be returned or exchanged unless the product is defective.

■About after-sales service We will charge you for repairs and after-sales service.
The amount varies depending on the product and size, so please contact us directly if you wish to do so.
・Resizing and polishing

* Marriage rings are made to order.
It takes about a month and a half from the start of production after confirmation of payment to completion.
*Please be sure to check your finger size.

Marriage ring D




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